Ways to stay productive & positive during the current isolation period

Hello bee’s, so the time is apon us. It was bound to happen eventually and we have now been ordered in the UK by the government to isolate and stay home. It’s a very stressful and anxious time for everyone but I really believe that even in the toughest times it is what you make it. I truly feel that the universe has given us the much needed opportunity to relax, reflect and reset, you can come out of this experience improved and a time for rest and reflection is good for the soul and body. That being said it’s also equally important for your mental health to still be productive, set and reach goals. So I’ve put together a list of things to keep you from the depths of boredom.

Create a morning routine and stick to it

It’s common knowledge that what you do when you wake up sets the whole mood for the rest of the day and its important to start the day positively. Start with making the bed, eating a healthy breakfast (I recommend having a peppermint tea its so calming and great for digestion) getting changed out of your Pj’s and doing your morning skincare routine. This will help set the mood for a productive day and also help keep some kind of normality when going back to work and school in the future.

Write a plan for the day

I always find it easier to be productive when I have a list of everything I want to achieve goal wise in a day. The key to doing this without feeling guilty if you don’t manage to complete everything on it is to start small. This could be hoovering, changing the sheets, replying to emails or simply a dedicated slot to relax and have some me time. This will keep you focussed, have a sense of achievement and keep you from feeling hopeless and eventually getting lazy.

Declutter and tidy your living/ work space

Have you ever heard of the saying tidy space, tidy mind and its so true. Keeping your space tidy, organised and clean can help you find what you need easier, feel more relaxed, reduces stress and also is less distracting. It is also the perfect time to declutter that makeup draw with things that have expired or never used. Same goes for sorting out your wardrobe, its a great opportunity to sort clothes to sell on depop and give to charity when the isolation is lifted.

Make use of your movie/tv subscriptions

Most of us are subscribed to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + etc but the only time we ever get to really use it is on our days off and were about to have alot of them. I have noticed that all of the above have been adding lots of new movies and series lately so get to browsing, grab a snack, and have a movie night!

Fresh air and exercise is still allowed

I’m not sure on all the isolation rules around the world but the new rules just passed in the UK is that you’re allowed to go for one walk/run outside a day as long as you’re smart and do not meet or have any contact with others. Use this opportunity to exercise and to keep you sane, also if you have a garden make use out of it. The sunshine is coming so its the perfect opportunity to do your work, studying or working outside and this will elevate your mood.

Stay in touch with loved ones

This has been the hardest part of the isolation period for me, I don’t live with my family and my partner lives in a different city to me. This time can feel really lonely but we’re lucky enough to live in a time where we can call, video call or text our love ones. I also recommend using snapchat for sending silly videos to make those you love laugh.

Staying away from negative social media

This is important to follow all of the time but especially now, there are so many outlets that are putting out false and negative information with the aim of causing fear and panic. Only believe and follow advice and information from the government and health service.

Self care

Were going to have a lot of time on our hands and its important to allow some of that time for self care, run yourself a nice long bath, put on a face mask, listen to some calming music, have a cup of tea or wine and relax. I also recommend meditating, this not only calms the body but really helps rid any anxiety over these unsure times.

Getting creative

I love my creative makeup, creating fun looks for me helps with my creativity and ive been loving having the extra time to get working. This is the perfect time to get crafting, painting, start a blog or YouTube channel, create music, gardening, finish decorating or learn a new skill.

I hope you have found something on this list that will help ease the worry of the current times were facing and if you have any other positive ideas or pointers to share please do so in the comments so that othesr can see. Please stay safe, practise social distancing, wash your hands and most importantly be patient and kind to others.

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